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Our beers are supplied either as cask & bottle conditioned beers or bright beers.

In keeping with our mission to supply beer drinkers with the finest flavours and aromas possible we are especially proud of our wide range of unpasteurised cask & bottle conditioned beers.  This old and nearly lost production method allows fresh, live beer to be enjoyed by the beer drinking public.  Such live beers can only be produced and distributed locally due to their relatively short shelf life.   With the arrival of Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company, and our commitment to this traditional beer style, these freshly produced cask & bottle conditioned beers are now finally available in Cyprus.  These beers are brewed to be served in peak condition in exactly the way your local baker bakes your daily loaf of bread; fresh, full of wonderful flavours and aromas and simply delicious!  If you don’t like eating stale bread we’re sure you’ll never go back to drinking stale beers again.

Cask & bottle conditioned traditional ales undergo a secondary fermentation in the cask or bottle in a very similar way to the production of champagne and consequently live brewer’s yeast is retained in the beer.  This imparts a very slightly cloudy, but perfectly natural, appearance to the beer and it not only gives greater flavour but the live brewer’s yeast is very good for you as it contains the Recommended Daily Allowance, RDA, of many minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants necessary for good health.  Brewer’s yeast is recognised to have many other benefits and the vitamin B it contains is acknowledged as reducing the likelihood of a hangover. 

True to the UK’s Campaign for Real Ale, CAMRA, guidelines no extraneous carbon dioxide is added during their production and CAMRA classify such beers as “Real Ales”.  So it’s time to wave goodbye to the gassy harshness and subsequently bloated and acid-attacked tummies many people suffer from when drinking excessively carbonated beers and lagers and prepare yourself for a softer and more easy-drinking character to your beer in the future. 

You may choose to deliberately expose our cask & bottle conditioned beers to oxygen in the air before serving to create a softer and more rounded flavour in much the same way as a good red wine is allowed to ‘breathe’ before serving.  This is exactly the way that an English ‘cellared’ cask ale is maintained and this will give you a true cask flavour.  Please note however that such beer must be consumed within a few days in the same way you would a good wine.

Cask & bottle conditioned beers do require a little more care in dispensing as they require a short settling period before serving.

Our bottle conditioned beers are supplied in 500ml bottles, 10 litre flexi casks and our cask conditioned beers are supplied in full sized 20 litre cask’.

Take care when serving our bottled and ‘Flexi-Cask™’ naturally conditioned beers – remember they’re alive!  They contain active yeast still hard at work improving the flavours and developing the sparkle in your beer.  For maximum enjoyment you should:

  1. Allow the yeast to settle for about 24 hours before serving
  2. Refrigerate the bottle or ‘Flexi-Cask™’ until chilled to not more than 7°C
  3. Pour your bottled ale into a glass in one single action leaving behind the settled yeast

Bright beers are triple-filtered and can be dispensed immediately.

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