Why Do We Brew

To answer that question let’s think about the pint of beer in your hand today and a bit of the more recent history of how it got there…

Looking back, it can be sadly seen that for a period of about forty years, starting in the early 1960s, the beer industry in Europe heavily contracted in on itself.  By the late 1970s, the corporate mass production beer giants, including Heineken, Allied Breweries, etc had squeezed out nearly all of their thousands of smaller competitors throughout Europe.  We, as the beer drinking public, took little notice of this slow and steady evolution in the beer brewing industry and, through the billions pumped into advertising, we meekly allowed our beer drinking pleasure to be confined to a very very much shorter and considerably poorer menu of options.

Not only was the wonderful variety that our mothers and fathers enjoyed so much taken from us but quality suffered.  Mass production practices such as pasteurisation and pumping beer full of preservatives to artificially give over 12 months of shelf life is not done for our drinking pleasure or to improve quality but simply to maximise these big corporations’ profits on beer. 

In addition to such dubious production practices, the beer styles that were left progressively became ‘thinner’ with much less flavour.  Most people agree that the flavour that has remained in a lot of today’s mass produced beers and lagers is generally not of a high standard and, as a result, we are encouraged to serve modern lagers ice cold and highly carbonated to disguise this fact.  The poor flavour is hardly surprising when you consider that, today, many of the international mass production breweries use only about 10 kilos of malted barley per barrel in their beers and lagers with the alcohol-producing starch levels topped up with cheaper substitutes such as rice, maize, etc.  In the really cheap beers and lagers found in cut-price stores and some bars the distinctive cornflour taste is not only very evident but it can be very unpleasant.  The beer drinking public in Cyprus and elsewhere throughout the world are finally realising this and making demands for something better. 

To meet this demand our brewery has a clear focus on flavour and to achieve this we brew most of our “Island Beers” and “Artisan Ales” with over 35 kilos of premium imported malt per barrel and over 45 kilos for our stronger richer brews.  Also we can use up to 25 times more hops per barrel than the average large mass production brewer.  All these raw materials must be shipped to us from Northern Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc as there is no malt or hop production in Cyprus.

We not only pack our “Island Beers” and “Artisan Ales” full of the best quality and entirely natural ingredients but also we refuse to compromise on stringent, time-tested and well-proven brewing methods.  For example just like producing good wines we patiently wait, at considerable cost, for our beers to reach peak maturation and condition before packaging which for some of our beers is many months. 

We currently produce sixteen different core, seasonal and specialty beers to give you real variety and ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy and something different to look forward to as the year progresses.  This means that we must brew in small batches, carry a wide range of different raw materials and, as a result, we benefit from very few ‘economies of scale’.

Everything we do is done to provide you with the best possible ‘Flavour’, ‘Quality’ and ‘Variety’.

Our accountants don’t like this and some of the local bars tell us that their customers only want to buy “cheap beer” – and we’re sure many do – but we believe there are small but growing numbers of discerning beer drinkers in Cyprus, and amongst our tourist visitors, who are true individuals that know what they like and refuse to allow themselves to be ‘shoehorned’ into one-size-fits-all beers and lagers and prefer to have a say and some choice in what they drink.  These people tell us that they want to drink really good beer that is realistically priced and that they know has been brewed with passion and care.  Chances are that if you are reading this then you are one of these. 

Our “Island Beers” and “Artisan Ales” may cost a few cents more than the average mass produced beers and lagers but you’re getting an awful lot more beer for just a little more money!

So why do we brew our craft beers in Cyprus?We brew them for you!

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