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Melanie Gutu is a fully qualified British brewer who studied at the University of Sunderland’s British Brewing & Technology Annex.  Whilst studying and since then, Melanie has worked in a number of British breweries honing her practical skills en route to becoming a qualified and experienced brewer and is pleased to now be working to bring this new taste sensation to Cyprus.

It was during a six month round-the-world backpacking trip several years ago that Melanie became convinced of her chosen study and career path.  Whilst travelling she managed to sample most of the beers in most of the countries she visited, “for research purposes only” she assures us, and it was during this time that she acquired her appreciation and love for fine handcrafted beers.  Melanie has been strongly influenced by the “New World” beers of America, Australia and New Zealand and has been particularly influenced by the modern twist on classic beers offered by the US craft brewing industry which is currently considered to be the world leader in this highly creative field producing some of the world’s best beers today. 


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