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We are located in a beautiful disused winery, in Paphos on the west coast of the island.  This has been lovingly restored to give functional production, storage and administration areas coupled with large open courtyards all with natural shading afforded by the strategically planted broadleaf trees.  Cool verandas offer peaceful views of the local mountains.    

Naturally our brewery is mechanised and automated where it needs to be but, in the parts that really count, our brewing is still very much an artisan-inspired and hand-crafted process that would be immediately recognisable by the brewing monks of the middle ages.  Our combination of modern, state-of-the-art, high technology brewing equipment coupled with traditional brewing techniques enables us to offer you the very best beers available.

All our vessels have a modern integral clean-in-place, CIP, system built in which gives the highest standards of modern hygienic production and we operate under our strict Standard Operating Procedures for chemical cleaning and sterilisation processes.

We use high quality, fully enclosed, stainless steel fermentation vessels which are all individually temperature controlled using a large glycol heat sink.  The contents of every fermentation vessel can be at an entirely different temperature and pressure and, hence, be producing an entirely different beer to its neighbouring vessel.  The separate micro-climate we create in each of our fermentation vessels means that we can produce many different beer types at the same time. 

This is true small-batch brewing…

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