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Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company is a small craft brewery nestled amongst the beautiful hills of Paphos on the west coast of Cyprus.

Cyprus is a deeply historic island where modern travellers can retrace the footsteps of figures as diverse and interesting as Saint Paul, Alexander the Great and even Leonardo da Vinci.

Cyprus is a place of great historical importance in brewing.  Less than 10km from our brewery are the 3,500 year old bronze-age remains of an ancient traditional brewery which would have been tended by the wives of the Cypriot nomadic hunter-gatherers of the time.

We now continue that same noble tradition here in Cyprus and are committed to brewing our handcrafted beers in small personally-tended batches using mineral-rich spring water from our own well.  We deliver these to you fresh and in the peak of condition for an uncompromising taste experience.

We hope you enjoy drinking these beers as much as we enjoy brewing them for you…

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For your safety we are only able to provide one brewery tour per day, this is a complimentary tour offered to our customers and is available Monday to Friday at 2pm only.
We are regulary rated the number 1 spot in the category of "Things to do in Paphos" on TripAdvisor, this is an achievement we are extremely proud of and now more than ever is the time to visit Aphrodite's Rock Brewery & Brewpub!
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